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We know that COVID19 has created challenges for all of us to keep our business up and running, and we are here to help.
Brands and Buyers cannot move forward with a physical event in 2020, we are finding new Online ways to connect our exhibitors and attendees.
We can help all members stay connected, wherever they are.
It is 4 seasons, 4 times a year for each industry an online event, and everyday online traffic.
It is a next-generation B2B E-Commerce powerful Platform.

For licensors, our goal is to commercialize opportunities that will extend our clients’ brand equity into new product categories to maximize their licensing potential. You can open a secure platform, upload your video presentation, photos, and product line sheet which helps you to grow your business through an extensive network.

For licensees, we assist manufacturers in acquiring brands and developing strong licensing programs in order to create long term licensing and retail success.

Both licensors and licensees have experience in developing successful brand extension and licensing programs. Our collective experience includes activities with numerous high-profile brands.

We use our network and relationships to build strong partnerships among brand owners, manufacturers, and key retailers. By creating mutually beneficial relationships among all of the participants in the brand extension process, we are able to create innovative licensing and retail programs that bring long term value to our clients. 

Your global reach with leaders in the licensing industry from different countries.